Haircare And Keratin Therapy

Coloring, perming, sunlight, heated hair styling aids, and overcombing are just a few of the hair offenders that can turn beautiful full locks of hair into boring, dull, flat and over processed hair. Often resulting in some extra TLC and some help from one or two different hair straightening treatments, like a Brazilian blow dry or a keratin hair treatment to try and help fix the damage that’s already been done. Basically, a hairdresser will apply the keratin to your and with a flat iron at just the right heat level, will iron the keratin into your hair which is a natural protein that is already in there. Just a heads up this treatment is only to be done if straight hair is what you are going for, it will not only revive your hair, but it will cut your getting ready in the morning process by up to 60% and is one of the best hair straightening treatment out there.  A lot of times people will hear tall tale myths of what to and what not to do to your hair, some of which I will enlist right here. Perhaps you may have heard this one from one of your favorite old time show’s, that the more you brush your hair, the better it is for you and that obviously couldn’t been further than the truth. Have you ever brushed a wool sweater and seen where that went, the same thing will happen to you hair and will be in bad need of a keratin treatment for your hair or a Brazilian blowout shampoo of some sort, so always be weary of brushing your hair, in fact you should only use a plastic comb when brushing and only use for styling.

keratin shampoo and conditioner

What is Healthy Hair

Some might think shiny hair is all you need to be healthy, but most hairdressers will tell you this is not necessarily true, shine can be achieved with hair straightening treatments and other keratin straightening procedures that may or may not be right for your hair and does not measure the barometer of hair health by far. When hair is healthy, the cuticles lie flat and reflect the light, which leaves the hair with a natural sheen. Hair grows on average half and inch a month faster in the summer. Naturally tough, healthy hair can expand by thirty percent in length without breaking and even after all the damaging things that we do to it, teasing, back combing, dyeing, and blasting it with heat and yet it still remains resilient to a certain extent.

Hair is also incredibly responsive, by shampooing and conditioning it we can increase its moisture levels and make it stronger, now if your hair is weak and broken down you can always use a keratin shampoo with conditioner that will help and restore the lost proteins and over use of shampoos with sulfate in your hair. Having your hair trimmed every four to six weeks will also keep your crowning glory in A1 condition. However, it doesn’t matter how much conditioner you pile on if you don’t nourish your hair from within. According to Dr.’s many people have lackluster hair because of poor diet and nutrition. The hair follicle is fed by a supply of blood, which should be crammed with nutrients, so eat a well balanced diet consisting plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and sufficient protein for amino acids. Take a vitamin and mineral supplement if you feel it is necessary. Vitamins and minerals known for their health giving benefits to hair include vitamins A, B complex, C, and E, iron, iodine, zinc and selenium. Of course getting all or at least most of your nutrients naturally from what you eat is what is optimal and plain and simple down right better for you.