Best Hair Straightening Treatments In Texas

We here at your premier Dallas salon perform everything from your basic cuts to all hair straightening treatments including your Brazilian Blowout and keratin treatment as well. When it comes to your hair you don’t want to go thrifty, now I’m not saying you have to pay top dollar, but be weary of the Brazilian blowout cost, although it can be pricey you don’t want to catch yourself paying $500 for a 2 month treatment. If you have any questions about any of these treatments you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your own personal hairdresser or give us a call, last thing you want to do is let an unlicensed hairdresser do damage to your hair, let one of our professional stylist explain everything from the Brazilian blow dry to a keratin smoothing treatment and the keratin shampoo your going to need to maintain it.


Knowing Your Hair

Knowing your hair is part of knowing what will actually look good on you or what you can pull off. Sometimes all you need is someone to talk to, a second opinion and when it comes to your hair that’s just what you need. Our hairdresser aren’t just professionals inĀ keratin straightening and other hair smoothing treatment we also perform some of the best comb over haircuts or just plain best haircuts in all of Dallas. We are confident that your trip into Dallas Brazilian Blowout will be one of a kind from the moment you step in the front door to the moment our stylist pulls the mirror up to your face to reveal the masterpiece one of our hairdresser unleashed on you. Weather it’s short haircuts your interested in or hairstyles for long hair and the infamous man bun is what your looking for, it doesn’t matter we’ll take that mop and turn into something your going to want to showcase the new hairstyle on a day to day basis. It doesn’t matter what you are male, female, how you want your hair, high and tight or long and free flowing with some sort of a keratin hair treatment or our famous Brazilian blowout, come by or give us a call and one of our professional hairdresser will be more than happy to see you and explain everything there is to know and answer all your questions.


Is the Brazilian Blowout For You?

Too many times we as people get used to the “norm”, Monday thru Friday work, Saturday Sunday off and then back at it again on Monday, a haircut is just a haircut, some people have the same short haircut or some old school curly hairstyles that some people just never seemed to grow out of, like something out of the 70’s. Maybe it’s your barber, you’ve been going to Bob the barber since you were 9 years old, getting the same old regular boys haircut off a poster on the wall that seemed out dated even when you were a kid, seeming almost nostalgic every time you go see him. Maybe that’s it, you don’t want to hurt ol Bobs feeling by trying something new, like a new hairdresser, so you walk around with the same old haircut, doing the same old thing. Well now it’s time to change it up a bit let us bring you to the twentieth century clean you up a bit with maybe some short hairstyles that might even keep you cooler in the summer or a Brazilian hair treatment to really let that hair flow in the wind. Change is good and I always encourage my clients not to be afraid of something different, don’t be afraid to ask questions, you will never know if your hair would look better with a hair straightening treatment or not, you don’t have to go through life blow drying your hair every morning, worried weather your hair is going to poof up with the slightest humidity or a flash rain shower, go on line and check out some keratin treatment reviews and ask about other hair straightening products as well, knowledge is power and a must.